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White Paper Comparison between the Paragon 8000 and DP-100SL

Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) is a revolutionary improvement for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. With LDI, a laser directly patterns the image onto a production panel, thereby reducing the process time and improving the registration quality. The purpose of this comparison is to analyze two major LDI machines that offer unique features and performance benefits.

Thanks to its cutting-edge Large Scan-Optics (LSO) technology, the Paragon 8000 delivers consistently accurate and high-quality Laser Direct Imaging (LDI). The speed and accuracy of the Paragon 8000 is evident in the raw performance data since the 8000 is capable of producing up to 160 prints per hour throughput depend on the dry film material customer is using. The high throughput capabilities of this product is matched by its registration accuracy.

The 8000 provides dynamic registration for each and every panel, which adds up to extremely refined accuracy. The 8000 then takes it one step further by performing global and local scaling, leading to even better accuracy. Registration for the many targets per application and process steps are conducted on the fly while the panel is printing on the table to obtain an accurate image. This crucial step maximizes yield times while accuracy is still picture-perfect.

The Paragon 8000 also is fully compatible with any UV-sensitive materials, no matter whether it is a dry or liquid resist. Finally, the Paragon 8000 provides superior results for complex and fine imaging requirements thanks to its unique dual-resolution capability. Having two separate resolutions gives user’s options to handle more jobs of varying scope on the same system, which is yet one more way that the Paragon 8000 boosts yield. Even better, this technology promises smooth lines at any angle, which once again demonstrates that both higher yields and accurate performance are provided with the Paragon 8000 during any conceivable imaging process.

While the features of the Paragon 8000 clearly provide state of the art performance, the DP-100SL is a serious performer in its own right. Capable of providing up to 120 prints per minute imaging speeds, depending on the dry film material the customer is using, the DP-100SL also provides outstanding quality to match its speed. Dynamic scaling and effective filtering mechanisms combine to ensure that the DP-100SL will provide accurate and improved yields. When these yield benefits are coupled with the fast setup, automated use and 120 sides per minute imaging speeds, the DP-100SL demonstrates its ability to produce fast imaging results with exceptional quality.

The DP-100SL was also designed with compatibility in mind. Existing production processes will not be inconvenienced with the DP-100SL since, like the Paragon 8000, it has the capability of imaging any type of media that is sensitive to UV. Additionally, the DP-100SL is exceptionally formed functional, which will allow it to work within the confines of almost any Yellow Room. The compatibility and performance features of this product ensure that the PCB shop will continue to perform at an optimal level with high-end image speeds and quality.