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PCB Reverse Engineering

When you need copies of a printed circuit board, you don’t need an approximation – you require an exact replica that functions identically to the original in every way. At Artnet Pro, we pride ourselves on our PCB reverse engineering capabilities and offer a wide range of services designed for clients of all types to provide high quality printed circuit boards that are exact and totally functional replicas of the original copy that we were provided.

At Artnet Pro, we understand that PCB reverse engineering is an invaluable service that businesses depend on daily. Our PCB reverse engineering services begin by taking a sample printed circuit board that you provide and use that information to create duplicates. Using only a sample, we can obtain all of the necessary application data needed to successfully engineer additional units.

Our team of dedicated professionals and experts will analyze the board and identify every component contained within. That information will then be compiled into an itemized list. This is done through not only a manual review of the material, but also by taking photographs and through other techniques.

Not only does the reverse engineering process provide valuable data about the number and location of important elements like resistors and capacitors, but each of these elements is individually measured to help make sure that any eventual copies of the sample are essentially identical to that original version.

Using the information that is obtained through these methods, we will then create a trace pattern, which acts as a roadmap regarding the specific location of certain components that will be used during the creation of copies. New bare boards will then be created and components like resistors, capacitors are more are sized according to the original specifications of the sample and placed using the information obtained through the scanner and trace pattern. All of these components are completely assembled and provided to you so that you can review the configuration and make sure that the second board works the same as the original sample.

At Artnet Pro, we also offer a variety of additional services that are integral parts of the PCB reverse engineering process including:

  • Complete design rule verification
  • Power to ground check
  • Pad to pad registration check
  • Annular ring verification
  • Netlist creation and compare and more.

All other additional circuit boards are created as copies of that reverse engineered variant for maximum efficiency.