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PCB Scanning

Have Double Side Layer Board Or Artwork, But No Electronic Data

  • Overview
  • Output Formats
  • Scan & Clean-Up

We have the capability and technology to convert any artwork to provide electronic data for manufacturing or archiving purposes

  • Convert hand-taped artwork, film, paper, or the actual PCB into CAD data
  • We guarantee the highest quality, 100% match of Gerber to artwork
  • High-resolution Q-scan by Orbotech
  • Complete regeneration “Clean Up” of data through CAM workstations, fixing distortion and flashing pads
  • Registration of data to drill information, specified grid or blueprint dimensions
  • “Scan & Align Only” option at a lower expense (Stage I)
  • Incorporate revised engineering changes
  • Output formats include: Gerber 274X DXF, HPGL, PDF, MDA-FIRE 9000, and Orbotech orCAD formats
  • Quick turn-around with competitive quotes (price quoted determined by the original artwork provided)

Stage I Scan And Align Only

  • Camera reduction (when required to bring artwork to scale)
  • Measurement of pad size, trace line width, and special aperture shapes
  • Scanning artwork, convert image to digital data
  • Alignment to blueprint (blueprint required)

Stage II Scan And Clean-Up

  • All the steps in Stage I
  • Registration; flash all pads/clean all traces
  • 100% layer-to-layer registration
  • Run Design Rule Check
  • Quality inspection of original artwork

Drill Layer Creation

  • Using scanned data, we capture all pads from artwork, matching them to the blueprint
  • Qualify all pads, match hole count/sizes and dimensions
  • Output excellent drill data